Top 1% Google Ads Expertise

@ a fraction
of the cost.

(30-60% less than an agency!)

Meticulous Strategy + CRO
Exceptional Results

12x Revenue

google ads ecommerce agency

30x ROAS

google ads lead gen freelance

5x Revenue

google ads ecommerce client

3x Leads

google ads lead gen client

In a world where everyone claims to be a "top 1% expert," Jesse is the only Google Ads expert I've worked with the rare mix of technical expertise and business savvy required to bring a true impact from digital ads. He helped us drive $2M+ in new sales pipeline for our client with hundreds of high-quality leads that cost 1/10 of our other channels. There is no doubt in my mind that if you need to hire a Google Ads expert, Jesse should be the first person you talk to.

Kind Words❤️

Jesse has nearly single-handedly been responsible for our 12x growth over the last 3 years, turning our previously unprofitable Google Ads account into now easily our most important marketing channel.

What separates him from other marketers I’ve worked with is his innate combination of creativity and analytical prowess. Not only are we driving very high-quality traffic, but his landing page optimizations have helped us get maximum value from our ad budget.

On top of being exceptionally good at what he does, Jesse is seriously as honest as they come – something evident from our very first meeting.

I enthusiastically recommend Jesse to anyone looking to hire a top-notch Google Ads expert to get the most out of their budget.

google ads freelancer


Founder & CEO, Allness Brands

Jesse was able to design a Google Ads strategy that led to more than 3x lead volume on our website and more than 5x total inbound lead volume than we were generating prior to engaging with him.

We have a very challenging demographic to target, and he was able to design a highly detailed and nuanced strategy that we were able to directly attribute our significant improvements to.

Jesse was extremely responsive and attentive to our needs, communicated candidly throughout our entire engagement, and was overall a pleasure to work with. He was professional, organized, and respectful, and I highly recommend anyone looking for a top-notch Google Ads expert work with him!

google ads specialist


Director, Private Home Care

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google ppc expert
google ppc freelancer
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google ads lead generation expert
google ads freelancer
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google ads education specialist
google ads lead generation expert
google ppc specialist
google ads saas freelancer
google ads lead gen freelance

FYI, We White Label Too!

Jesse is a driven and talented marketing expert whose strategic approach to Google Ads helps us with some of our most challenging situations.

His eye for detail, industry experience, and expertise are a huge asset, allowing him to offer strategies and solutions quickly to a variety of our clients. His self-starter mentality is refreshing, and he is not afraid to test new strategies and quickly adjust based on data-driven analyses.

Jesse is an extremely knowledgeable marketing professional who I greatly enjoy having as an extension of my team as he never stops learning and plays an important role in improving our clients and our team.

If you’re looking to hire a true Google Ads expert, Jesse is your guy.

google ads agency

SVP of Paid Media

Large High-End Agency

(White Label client)

Jesse is an exceptionally skilled, communicative, thoughtful, and creative Google Ads expert.

Our niche agency operates in a highly competitive, complex field, and he got his arms around our needs quickly and built a highly effective campaign that has vastly outperformed any of our previous campaigns with past clients.

He’s also helped us develop dozens of new landing pages for A/B testing, and I regularly brainstorm with Jesse regarding new tactics and strategies for testing in order to maximize our clients’ ad budget.

I couldn’t recommend Jesse more highly.

upwork google ads

Agency CEO

Niche Marketing Agency

(White Label client)

Your Fractional PPC Expert:

best google ads agency

Jesse Shapiro

11+ yrs experience

35+ industries

Fortune 100 to Startups

Founder w/ M&A Exit


Who We
Work With:

Lead Generation

(LTV of $500+)


(Non-Amazon Products)

Google Ads History

($10k+ historic spend)

Why Clients Love Us:

Top-tier expertise @ a fraction of the cost (usually 30-60% less than an agency).

Uniquely meticulous approach that squeezes every penny from your Google Ads budget.

In-house stakeholder mentality & bespoke strategy tailored to your industry & business model.

Conversion-rate Optimization provided as a core part of all partnerships.

Exited founder & MBA who thinks differently than other PPC experts.

Our Core Principles:

Radically Transparent

Meticulously Strategic



More About Jesse:

As an entrepreneur myself, everything I do is focused on your bottom line. I won’t take you on as a client unless I’m confident we can develop a Google Ads strategy that’s profitable for you, and would love to help you develop a meticulously crafted Google Ads account to serve as a growth engine for your business.

I’ve been in digital marketing ecosystem since 2012, have managed clients ranging from Fortune 100 to Startups across 35+ industries, and have accumulated over 8-figures in media spend under my belt. Over the last 11 years I’ve designed, optimized, revamped, and managed tens of thousands of Google Ads campaigns.

Along with strategically built and optimized Google Ads campaigns, all of my clients get my conversion-rate optimization (CRO) at no extra cost. This not only helps your Google Ads be more efficient, but helps all of your marketing efforts across the board.

I have a passion for helping companies grow and a deep-rooted expertise to help your business thrive. I’ve put my money where my mouth is by founding (and selling to a Private Equity firm) one of the quickest growing online snack brands, Youtopia Snacks. I have my MBA from UCLA Anderson, and have mentored/advised several Startups, including as a mentor for Techstars LA.

A few quick examples of client success:

  • 12x revenue growth for a Men’s Wellness brand
  • 10x lead volume growth for an Event Planning business
  • 5x revenue growth for an Online Test Prep company
  • 30x ROAS for a high-end Window company
  • 60% reduction in cost-per-lead for a Business Insights SaaS
  • 7x lead volume growth for a Vendor Risk Management SaaS
  • 30% reduction in cost-per-lead for an IT Monitoring SaaS


In a nutshell, I’m a detail-oriented, CRO-obsessed, scrappy entrepreneur and marketer.

I’d love to schedule a call with you to walk you through my engineering-like approach, and learn more about what you’re looking for out of Google Ads.


Put simply: you’ll be working with someone who’d be the #1 paid search expert at any agency, who’s founded and sold his own company, and who has his MBA from a top business school . . . all for 30-60% less than working with an agency.

On top of that, you’re getting someone who’s an Enneagram 1w9 (“The Perfectionist”), meaning that Jesse is naturally inclined to pay immense attention to detail and holds himself to the highest standard conceivable.

Cost-Effectiveness: Traditional agencies often come with a hefty price tag, significantly impacting your overall marketing budget. At The Fractional PPC, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier Google Ads expertise at a cost that’s 30-60% lower than what you’d typically encounter with these agencies. This approach ensures that you get the most out of your marketing budget while avoiding excessively-high agency fees.

Predictability in Expertise: There’s very real uncertainty with who exactly manages your account at an agency. You might land a seasoned professional, but there’s also a chance of being assigned someone with minimal experience (regardless of what you’re “promised” during the sales process). At The Fractional PPC, we eliminate this uncertainty. You’re assured of working directly with a proven Google Ads expert: Jesse. This guarantees a consistent quality of service, ensuring that your campaigns are always in knowledgeable hands.

Flexible Contracts: Unlike the rigid, long-term contracts that are standard with many agencies, we understand the need for flexibility. Our engagement terms are designed to be flexible – adapting to your needs, not locking you into anything.

Depth of Expertise: Google Ads is a nuanced platform where years of dedicated expertise is crucial. To truly excel, a specialist needs to focus solely on Google Ads – not some generalist who’s being hired to manage Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, email, and a variety of other performance marketing channels. At The Fractional PPC, we specialize exclusively in Google Ads (and have 11+ years of experience with the platform), ensuring you receive the highest level of expertise.

Financial Viability: Hiring an in-house specialist can be a significant financial undertaking, often making sense only if your ad spend exceeds $150k/month. We offer a likely superior level of expertise without necessitating a large budget, offering a far more economically viable solution.

Reduced Risks and Overhead: Hiring an in-house employee brings added risks and costs, such as healthcare, retirement plans, and the complexities of employment contracts. As a contractor, The Fractional PPC offers a more flexible and risk-free solution.

Proven Performance: The real test of an expert is not just in the talk but in the ability to ‘walk the walk’. We pride ourselves on being able to adjust strategies and deliver results, ensuring your paid search program has the best chance of success.

Our fees are typically 30-60% less than what an agency charges. Please fill out the quote request so we can find out a little more about your company and provide a more detailed estimate.

A true Google Ads Expert isn’t just an operator, they’re an ROI-focused strategist with A+ tactical execution. At The Fractional PPC, we craft custom strategies that blend deep technical know-how with a keen business sense. Our approach is holistic, focusing on every detail from meticulous account structuring to landing page optimization, ensuring we squeeze every last penny out of your Google Ads budget.

A Google Ads Specialist is more like a skilled operator. They manage accounts and understand the basics (and likely quote Google’s “recommendations” – designed to make Google more money) but lack the seasoned expertise or critical thinking of an expert. Their strategies are often standard, missing the tailored touch that maximizes your budget. While capable, they don’t typically engineer the kind of business-transforming results a true expert is capable of.